Mike Grell

Mike Grell

Booth 1118 - Comic Book Writer/Artist

Mike Grell started his career with DC Comics in 1973 working on Superboy and The Legion of Super Heroes. He then went on to create the fan-favorite “The Warlord” which he wrote AND drew for the first 58 issues of the series. He also contributed to Aquaman, The Phantom Stranger, and even Batman!

Mike Grell would continue his run at DC Comics by working with Dennis O’Neil on the revival of “Green Lantern/Green Arrow”. He would then move into the creator-owned comics realm creating comics for First Comics and Pacific Comics before returning to DC Comics to write the re-imaging of the character Green Arrow in “Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters” which would lead to a 80 issue run writing the Green Arrow title(where Mike NEVER called Oliver Queen, Green Arrow).

Mike has continued to stay active drawing and writing comics and other media through to this day. Be sure to come to meet him at #TCC4Year10 and check out all his work at www.mikegrell.com