John Garavaglia

John Garavaglia

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John Garavaglia is the author of the new novel Dorian Gray, based on the Tidalwave Productions graphic novel series of the same name.  The property is currently being developed into a TV series by Bohemia Group Originals.  John is also the author of Sinbad: Rogue of Mars and Wrath of the Titans: Battle for Argos, officially licensed from the Ray Harryhausen estate.

John’s short stories have been published in the Hamtramck Idea Men anthology series IF-X: THE INFINITY FLUX EXPERIMENT.  His well-known story LOVERS’ FLAME was printed in the Longing and Desire edition and sold out three printings in less than a week.

John is no stranger in the superhero genre.  He wrote and illustrated the independent one-shot graphic novel SUBJECT ZERO: A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS,  a non traditional superhero story with a western style.

John has co-written several episodes for the popular YouTube horror film series HORROR HAIKU, produced by the international award-winning production company Seraph Films.

John is currently working on the novel tie-in to the superhero comedy Insane Jane, with a TV series in development.  Miracle Laurie, from Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse”, is attached to star in the project.