Cherryland Ghostbusters

Cherryland Ghostbusters

Booth #1207

Who you gonna call?! The Cherryland Ghostbusters are a northern Michigan fandom group that build and wear Ghostbusters film prop, gear, and cosplay. We do this to inspire kids and adults, build awareness towards social causes/charities, create a fun atmosphere, and normalize the idea of being a geek is where it’s at!

We share the love of the Ghostbusters films to support a variety of charities and businesses: Alzheimer’s Association, Make A Wish, Project Feed the Kids, conventions, and local theaters. Through our presence at events, we can stimulate goals, donations and support for these charities and for the local community who need it!  Member of Sony’s Ghost Corps and the Great Lakes Ghostbusters Coalition.

Get your picture taken with a life-size replica of the Hasbro Ecto-1 at the Ghostbusters booth all weekend!