2022 Finalists

2022 Gary Reed Award


Writer, Penciller, Inker, Colorist: Out and About, Drawing Dragons, Bug Bites

Nomination Comment: “You will never meet anyone within this community who is more approachable, supportive, and open with her feedback. She does not mince words, yet finds a way to do so in a constructive way. Corinne is, frankly, the creator we all strive to be- a legitimate double-threat with a fantastic imagination and a hell of a lot of drive and talent.”


Writer, Editor, Publisher: Negative Burn, Kilroy is Here, Aftershock Comics

Nomination Comment: “Joe has found his calling as the publisher at Aftershock Comics. Aftershock is continually putting out unique comics that push the medium forward. Joe’s influence is blatantly evident on every title and the creators lucky enough to work with Aftershock are better creators for the experience.”


Writer: Postmasters, Warcorns, Franklin and Ghost, Christmas Caroline, Good Boy, Cold Dead Hands, Fear Diaries

Nomination Comment: “Garrett has shown nothing but humility and appreciation to his fans and peers in regard to his  tremendous success he is experiencing which is well deserved. His stories are imaginative and  contextually thought provoking.”


Writer, Editor, Publisher: Mr. Rhee, Nightmare World, Hope, Butts in Seats, Twiztid: Haunted High-Ons

Nomination Comment: “Nightmare World helped establish new  talents, that still today, have continuing careers. Dirk has worked diligently to give readers new material without pause.”