2017 Finalists

2017 Gary Reed Award


Writer: Nightmare World, Write or Wrong, Tales of Mr. Rhee

Nomination Comment: Dirk’s talent and work ethic certainly sync up perfectly with this award, but more importantly he’s a “pay it forward” kind of guy who is always giving advice and boosts to up and comers and professionals alike, and encourages and inspires his readers and peers on a daily (sometimes hourly!) basis. I’d like to believe that some of this was learned from Gary but I have a feeling they were simply kindred spirits in these traits. I can’t think of a better candidate for the first award than Dirk Manning.”


Writer/Editor/Publisher: Negative Burn; Aftershock Comics, Caliber Comics, Desperado Publishing

Nomination Comment: Being the co-creator of Negative Burn, working as the Creative Director of Caliber and the Publisher of both Desperado Publishing and Aftershock Comics, Joe has been instrumental in giving young, unproven creators their first work and has encouraged them to continue honing and improving their craft over the decades.”



Artist: Savants, Tales of Mr. Rhee, I Hate Gallant Girl

Nomination Comment: 

  • “Seth is an ambassador of indie comics. He is always willing and able to help those looking to make their mark with his trademark reply ‘Same Team!’ There is nobody I can think of who deserves this more than Seth.”


Writer, Editor, Publisher: Rottentail; Source Point Press

Nomination Comment: I feel like this was the spirit in which he (Gary Reed) worked the industry- not only putting his own work into the world, but helping to foster others in their own creativity. I feel like Travis Mcintire is indeed that kind of creator- one who not only is creative on his own, but helps others to enhance and expand their own creativity.”