This morning we announced the AMAZING Aaron Miller Illustration, so naturally tonight we would keep that train rolling!
We are absolutely ecstatic to announce that after much demand and planning we are finally going to be bring our first C4 Magic the Gathering tournament to you, sponsored by our friends at Grand Traverse Games!!
This event will max at 32 players and will be a sealed event using Streets of New Capenna! After five rounds of Swiss the tournament will cut to Top 8. Prizing will include packs, promos, store credit to GT Games (which can actually be used right at the show as well as in store!) and first place will receive a sealed box of set boosters from New Capenna, in addition to all of the other cool prizing throughout! Entry is $30, and you can prereg at the link below! Oh, and you thought that was it? In addition to this, Tara Maslowski – Artist provided us with some incredible art to be used for a special limited edition METALLIC FOIL weekend badge that is only available to those playing in the tournament! That is limited to 32 badges as there are only 32 spots available, so don’t miss out!
  1. Hey guys. really excited for the expansion of mtg tournaments. However, I noticed lack of information regarding the format of this tournament. Will this be modern, standard, historic, or other? Thanks!

    1. Hi Nate, it is a Sealed format using the soon to be released Streets of New Campenna set.

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